Dugout Canoe Ride

A dugout canoe ride in the morning in the silent Rapti River is the best way to enjoy bird watching and discover the habitat of crocodiles in the river bank. It is a relaxing moment to watch the different kind of birds and wildlife species, while they are drinking water in the bank of river Rapti. Wooden seat is arranged and there will be two professional oarsmen with long poles to row the boat. Minimum 4-5 to Maximum 9-10 individuals can canoe at a time, depending on a size of a boat. Note: Nature Walk (15 minutes to One and a half hour)
Visit Elephant Breeding Center

The other attraction of Chitwan National Park is a visit to Elephant Breeding Center. You can have the opportunity to visit this center and see the female elephants with their young calves enjoying their playing skills. This elephant breeding center is unique as it is one of the only 2 in the world.