About Us


Characterized by intricate carved wood, fine architecture, deluxe amenities and outstanding personalized service, Hotel Westwood is the first luxury boutique hotel at Sauraha on the outskirts of Chitwan National Park. The hotel is distinguished by its superior design and complimented by modern amenities. The architecture of the property features elegantly-designed carved wood panels and every piece of woodwork in Nepalese traditional style. The cornices fixed on the architrave are supported by columns and each stunning wooden pillar is carved with images of different Hindu and Buddhists deities.

The hotel is U-shaped with two separate wings over 2 floors. There is another separate 3 storey-building within walking distance comprising of reception desk, lobby and a library on the ground floor, spacious conference hall on the second floor and classic restaurant and bar with open balcony on the first floor. From the balcony guests can enjoy breakfast and dinner viewing Sunset, Sunrise and Himalayan range.

At the centre of the hotel premises guests can simply laze around at manicured lawn and immerse in soothing sound of stone-carved fresh water spouts. From the hotel entrance gate to a steep stairway up to well-appointed rooms and dinning hall, all woodwork is noticed.